Bpm’online recognized a Leader in 2019 CRM Market Leader Awards for Enterprise CRM, CRM for Midsize Companies and SFA

It was a euphoric moment for bpm’online on being named a Leader in 2019 CRM Market Leader Awards in three categories for Enterprise CRM, CRM for Midsize Companies and SFA. AgilizTech is glad to share this exciting news and congratulates bpm’online for this achievement.

AgilizTech, a leading IT products and services company offers advanced and innovative solutions that empowers organisations to give unrivalled customer experience. Our fundamental strength are the core values, proficient expertise, innovation skills and quality building. We are proud to be partner for bpm’online in CRM implementation.

The score criteria for the Market Leader awards included revenue, company growth, market share, customer wins, reputation for customer satisfaction, depth of product functionality, and company direction.

Bpm’online emerged as leader by securing the highest scores for reputation in customer satisfaction, company direction and depth of functionality. Competing with industry stalwarts in the leader board is not easy, but bpm’online with their innovative technology and solutions has helped companies in adapting to the market changes and accelerate their business growth have emerged as a leader.

The CRM Market awards acknowledge leading vendors, influential leaders, rising stars, and elite practitioners of the CRM industry. The global cloud-based CRM market is expected to grow by more than 14 percent compounded in 2023, according to the latest market research by Technavio, and enterprise clients have high expectations when it comes to CRM.

The 18th Annual Market Leader Awards announced in September 2019 honoured leading vendors of sales and marketing technologies across nine categories rating top five companies. The Winners are selected based on the highest overall score and judged by a panel of analysts based on several judging criteria.

Kate Leggett, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research says: Bpm’online delivers a wealth of packaged sales personas and processes as well as a community-driven library of sales force automation extensions geared toward shortening customer time-to-value.

Katherine Kostereva, CEO and Managing Partner at bpm’online says: At the core of our values is helping businesses accelerate by empowering organizations with the right technology to align data, processes, and teams. It’s a great honor and pleasure for us to have thousands of happy customers, who inspire us to develop bpm’online further and reach new heights together.

Ganesh Babu Vasantha Rajan, CEO and Founder of AgilizTech congratulated bpm’online for this prestigious award. It’s our pleasure to be the integrator partner for bpm’online whose powerful solutions has helped organisations grow exponentially.

Bpm’online is a global software company leading in the space of low-code, business process automation and CRM. Bpm’online is an intelligent and unified platform that helps organisations in accelerating growth by aligning their sales, marketing, operations and services thereby driving excellent customer experience.

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CRM Buyer’s Guide 2019

Customer experience and satisfaction is key to the growth and success of an organization. In the highly competitive world today, with various products and services to choose from, companies need to prioritise their sales, marketing and service efforts. Customer Relationship Management or CRM is one of the best software that helps in improving and aligning your business process.

If you are an existing user of CRM and want to upgrade or, planning to implement the CRM software for the first time, then you need to outline the business requirements and objectives and see how this software will help in achieving your business goals.


What you need to understand before selecting the CRM?

  • Analyze and outline as to what your business wants to achieve from the CRM software
  • Match your objectives with the features and functionalities of the CRM systems based on the vendor guide or other criteria
  • To implement a CRM, do a thorough research on what technology is being used, what is that you want to improve with technology, how many people will be using it, how can the new software help and do we need any additional software along with CRM
  • Consider CRM as an ideology to build and improve customer relations and not only as a technology tool yielding results.
  • CRM software does not fix business issues in a single go. It is a tool enhancing operations based upon your business strategy.


Understanding on how to choose CRM vendors

Once you understand on how to strategize your business objectives before implementing a CRM software, then you need to carefully select CRM vendors. We have a plethora of CRM software available in the market like HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho, Insightly, bpm’online and many more.

Important checklist before choosing CRM vendor which includes:

  • Do some analysis on the features and functionalities available in the CRM. Select the ones which is applicable for your business, easy to use, and which suits your budget.
  • Know how the vendor is performing. This can be done with the help of review or other platforms like Gartner’s report, Forrester Wave, G2 Crowd, Capterra and more.
  • Based on your audit, charter a list of top vendors and select the one which meets your business requirements.


Best practices in selecting the right CRM

Once you have shortlisted on a few vendors, deciding on the perfect CRM vendor is quiet challenging. Do a background evaluation about the CRM offered by them like; whether they have worked on similar model like your business, how cost effective they are, time taken to implement the software, whether they have updated the features, what kind of support they offer.


Listing down few important ways to narrow down your choice of CRM

  • Create a scoring system amongst the selected vendors and see how the features in each product matches with your business requirements.
  • Ensure that the CRM integrates with other software in your business process like the HR software, Accounting software, website, etc.
  • Each vendor will have his own sales pitch while presenting or giving a demo of the CRM. Take time and see what fits best for your business.
  • Don’t just go by the words of the sales reps in taking the final decision, request for a run through or a free trial of the CRM.
  • Incorporate all the users while selecting the software, as the better user adaptability the better results.
  • Select for vendors niche in your industry which also helps in understanding the companies they have worked with.


Important platforms to evaluate CRM performance

Now that we know there are various CRM software available, we need to find the one with the best features suitable for your business requirements. And here the reviews and reports on CRM can help you selecting the best one. Few of the platforms which are:

G2 Crowd is a peer to peer review site wherein organisations can offer feedback on the products used. They have 400 plus product categories with ample number of reviews that helps organisations in effective purchasing decisions.

Gartner Magic Quadrant a publication platform evaluating technology based companies helping potential buyers in analyzing the company before selecting a product, solution or service.

Capterra is a review platform that basically connects with business owners and software companies assisting businesses in selecting the right kind of software.

Financesonline is a well-known B2B and SaaS review platform wherein experts and user reviews are provided. With more the 11000 user reviews a business can find the perfect software solution that matches their criteria.

Forrester Wave is a publication that outlines the vendors products and services in a detailed way and helps buyers in taking the right purchasing decisions for a product or service in the technology marketplace.


Why choose bpm’online CRM?

Bpm’online is one of the leading CRM platform and global business software company. Bpm’online CRM enables companies big or small to adopt the agile processes quickly into their business. Marketing, sales and services can be aligned in a single platform with this CRM.

This CRM is flexible and user friendly. It can be used across various industries like; Financial services, professional services, retail, wholesale, and distribution, telecom, real estate, transportation, and others.


Key benefits of bpm’online CRM

  • Out-of-the-box applications in bpm’online guide users through the most effective actions and make it easy to start using the system and bring industry best practices to their work.
  • It provides a 360 degree customer view which helps in tracking complete customer details
  • Bpm’online delivers end-to-end processes to manage the complete customer journey. As the marketing, sales and customer services are aligned in a single platform companies can effectively manage every step of the customers’ interactions.
  • User friendly interface which makes working with the application easy and smooth
  • Bpm’online CRM integrates with Gmail as well as Outlook.

AgilizTech, leading partner for bpm’online CRM implementation helps businesses to successfully channelize their sales and marketing activities. Our portfolio in CRM implementation spans across various industries like aviation, financial services, healthcare and more.

To get a deeper understanding on the factors to consider before you take a final decision on buying a CRM please refer the ebook CRM Buyer’s Guide 2019. The ebook is an insightful read helping CRM buyers make intelligent and smart buying decisions based on their requirements. “CRM Buyer’s Guide 2019” by bpm’online.

defining new normals in CRM - 4 trends in spotlight

Defining the new normal in CRM – 4 trends in the spotlight

Do you remember the times we used to go to our neighborhood mom and pop stores for some quick errands? The shopkeeper recognized and greeted us, enquired about our family’s well-being, offered the product we regularly bought, and if the product was unavailable at that moment, offered to deliver it at our house at no additional cost.

And he did that for all his regular customers.

An excellent way to establish rapport and nourish a healthy relationship with customers, through personalization.

That’s exactly what CRM is about in 2017, only businesses do it these days with the help of computers and internet, for millions of such customers. Today, customers not only knock business’ brick-and-mortar doors, but also, online – via social media, apps, websites, and the latest addition to the CRM kitty, chatbots.

What drives CRM in 2017?

Rise of the bots

Chatbots are perhaps the next big thing after apps. Every brand now has one in place – whether on its website or on social media sites such as Facebook Messenger. These bots act as lead generators, capturing customer queries and providing them quick information.

Here’s the Adidas Women UK Chatbot that promotes fitness among women and helps them book fitness sessions.


We spoke more about bots in our previous blogs, ‘Chatbots – a botched play or a game changer?’, and ‘Batman or Superman – What should your business’ chatbot be?

Smarter Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM is no longer just providing data on salesperson’s smartphones, online and offline. Some of the new features in Mobile CRM apps are:

  • Geolocation – Enables salesperson to identify which customers are in their vicinity, allowing them to drop by for quick, meaningful visits. This leads to effective usage of the salespersons work hours.
  • AI – Smart assistants pull customer data from their social profiles to glean a deeper understanding of customers. This helps the salesperson stay informed on the customer and personalize the pitch better.

Data-driven Personalization

Personalization is more than a “Hi *|FNAME|* ” in your mass mailers these days. Brands are leveraging machine learning to analyze customer data and identify patterns in behaviour. This helps them recommend the right products at the right time to the right customer.

For example, brands can use geofences to identify customers in store vicinity, pull their data from the CRM to analyze past purchases and push customized offer messages to their smartphones.

Leveraging Crowdsourcing

Business are deepening engagement with customers via crowdsourcing. Customers, ranging from various demographic segments are pulled together for surveys, polls, discussions, and online forums to provide feedback on new products, services and more. This helps customers feel more invested in the process, while it enables businesses to directly engage with customers and gain insights for their product roadmap.

A company that put crowdsourcing to good use is perhaps Lego Ideas. It is a website that acts as a forum for Lego fans to come together and suggest new Lego set ideas and designs. Have a look at their portal!

Lego Ideas - crowdsourcing

CRM has undergone a sea change in the last few years, and with technological advancements in AI and machine learning, the transformation will occur at an exponential rate. Businesses, globally, are recognizing the benefits of leveraging these advanced CRM features to create exceptional customer experiences, and widen mindshare as well as wallet share.


Automated CRM, powered by machine learning that helps your salespeople do what they do best. Score more deals. Contact AgilizTech to learn more.