Accelerate Dubai 2019-Learn new ways to accelerate business growth

If you are a business leader and want to explore ways to prepare your organization for the digital transformation, then ACCELERATE events organized by Creatio (formerly bpm’online) is the right platform.

On the 25th of November 2019, AgilizTech is co-hosting the Accelerate Dubai event wherein the attendees can indulge in a half-day program of inspiring speeches,  learn about the latest technologies and innovative solutions and connect with industry experts.

In the first session, we have motivational live discussions from industry visionaries on how to accelerate your business and facilitate innovation, low-code technologies to accelerate digital transformation and exclusive product announcements.

The featured guest speaker is Yasser Bahaa Eldin, Organizational Excellence Expert and life transformational catalyst with twenty years of experience in banking, consultancy, education sector, and also an author of various magazines and newspapers. He will be talking about integrating innovations and future forecasting to achieve business objectives.

In the second session, we have experts and partners speaking on how customers can accelerate organizational alignment and business growth. From AgilizTech we have Sujeeth Shetty, VP-Business Development discussing the success story of our client on how technology has driven better results and accelerated business growth.

The other key speakers include:

Alex Donchuk – Global Channel Director, Creatio

Mike Hryshenko, Regional Sales Director, Creatio

Fateen Al-Atassi, CEO, Information Technology Services

Ashwath Narayanan, Practice Manager, Psiog Digital

Anuj Gaurishankar Sharma, Senior Consultant, HCM, Bee’ah


What do you learn by attending this event?

  • Insights from industry leaders on how innovative technologies define the future of business and drive value
  • Business processes and latest technologies that mobilize organizations towards digital transformation
  • Success stories that help business leaders to guide teams and organizations with confidence
  • Embrace ‘everyone is a developer’ with low-code/no-code technologies to overcome business challenges
  • Collaborate with industry experts, share ideas and find solutions to accelerate business


To stay ahead with the upcoming technologies that help in accelerating your business growth and prepare your organization for the digital future, don’t miss the chance to attend the accelerate event in Dubai  which is free and is organized in the luxurious hotel, Media Rotana.

Secure your seat today to connect with us at the event. AgilizTech is excited to be one of the event partners along with ITS (Information Technology Services) and also to meet the attendees.

Creatio (formerly bpm’online) ACCELERATE London event 2019

AgilizTech is delighted to announce the ACCELERATE London event 2019 hosted by Creatio (formerly bpm’online). It is an insightful event attended by business and tech leaders who can discover new ways to enhance and improve their business.

ACCELERATE London event is an exclusive platform for business leaders to get insights on how to strategize and align organizational process to accelerate business growth.  In this event the key takeaways would be to get knowledgeable and inspirational cognizance on rebuilding your business with latest technology. Today digital being the buzzword for technology, explore all about BPM and CRM, the modern technology trends that help in digital transformation of organizations.

This event provides a holistic platform for business leaders not only to gain insights on innovative technology through speeches, but also a place where you can collaborate and build your network with top industry heads sharing ideas, challenges and solutions to boost your business.

The main purpose of the event is to offer expert advice on how latest technologies can help a business achieve success. You can also learn how Creatio (formerly bpm’online) has helped leading companies transform their processes in marketing, sales, service and operations in just a few months to stay competitive in an increasingly dynamic environment.

Creatio (formerly bpm’online) are global leaders for business process automation and CRM. Explore how they make use of several technologies that help organizations align their business process, one of them being the low-code no-code technology which has an approach wherein ‘everyone is a developer’, helping accelerate business with limited IT resources.

Few of the eminent speakers for the event are:

CHRIS PARRY (Guest speaker) – UK based writer, thinker and author and talk about operational strategy, future technological, geo-political, and human trends.

Andie Dovgan – Vice President of Global Sales, Creatio

Alex Donchuk – Global Channel Director, Creatio

Michael Barber – Marketing Director, Praesto Consulting

The event will be held on 10th of September 2019 at Park Plaza Victoria, London. The event is free of cost with a limited number of seats. You still stand a chance to attend the ACCELERATE event. For more details click here.