Bpm’online recognized a Leader in 2019 CRM Market Leader Awards for Enterprise CRM, CRM for Midsize Companies and SFA

It was a euphoric moment for bpm’online on being named a Leader in 2019 CRM Market Leader Awards in three categories for Enterprise CRM, CRM for Midsize Companies and SFA. AgilizTech is glad to share this exciting news and congratulates bpm’online for this achievement.

AgilizTech, a leading IT products and services company offers advanced and innovative solutions that empowers organisations to give unrivalled customer experience. Our fundamental strength are the core values, proficient expertise, innovation skills and quality building. We are proud to be partner for bpm’online in CRM implementation.

The score criteria for the Market Leader awards included revenue, company growth, market share, customer wins, reputation for customer satisfaction, depth of product functionality, and company direction.

Bpm’online emerged as leader by securing the highest scores for reputation in customer satisfaction, company direction and depth of functionality. Competing with industry stalwarts in the leader board is not easy, but bpm’online with their innovative technology and solutions has helped companies in adapting to the market changes and accelerate their business growth have emerged as a leader.

The CRM Market awards acknowledge leading vendors, influential leaders, rising stars, and elite practitioners of the CRM industry. The global cloud-based CRM market is expected to grow by more than 14 percent compounded in 2023, according to the latest market research by Technavio, and enterprise clients have high expectations when it comes to CRM.

The 18th Annual Market Leader Awards announced in September 2019 honoured leading vendors of sales and marketing technologies across nine categories rating top five companies. The Winners are selected based on the highest overall score and judged by a panel of analysts based on several judging criteria.

Kate Leggett, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research says: Bpm’online delivers a wealth of packaged sales personas and processes as well as a community-driven library of sales force automation extensions geared toward shortening customer time-to-value.

Katherine Kostereva, CEO and Managing Partner at bpm’online says: At the core of our values is helping businesses accelerate by empowering organizations with the right technology to align data, processes, and teams. It’s a great honor and pleasure for us to have thousands of happy customers, who inspire us to develop bpm’online further and reach new heights together.

Ganesh Babu Vasantha Rajan, CEO and Founder of AgilizTech congratulated bpm’online for this prestigious award. It’s our pleasure to be the integrator partner for bpm’online whose powerful solutions has helped organisations grow exponentially.

Bpm’online is a global software company leading in the space of low-code, business process automation and CRM. Bpm’online is an intelligent and unified platform that helps organisations in accelerating growth by aligning their sales, marketing, operations and services thereby driving excellent customer experience.

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Bpm’online recognized as a Leader in 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation

Aligning the sales activity, accumulating customer data and accelerating growth will be a challenge for any organization. To channelize the sales effort, increase productivity and drive customer satisfaction, Sales Force Automation or SFA plays a key role for an organization.

AgilizTech with its unique combination of innovative digital solutions and agile processes focuses on enriched customer experience delivering best in class are partners for bpm’online in CRM implementation and are happy to share the news of bpm’online being recognized the Leader in 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation.

According to Ganesh Babu Vasantha Rajan, MD and CEO of AgilizTech; “Hearty congratulations to bpm’online for this recognition. We are proud to partner with bpm’online in implementing their solutions to our customers all over the world. Bpm’online enables our customers a flexible and customizable platform that helps in aligning the sales process which ultimately improves sales, enhances growth and customer experience.”

SFA software is applicable to all types of business and facilitates increased sales and productivity. Bpm’online, a global software company are leaders for business process automation and CRM. They offer innovative technology and products that help a business to accelerate growth with enriched customer experience.

Bpm’online sales delivers comprehensive sales processes that manages the entire customer journey. It also offers world class technology the aligns the sales, marketing and customer service. Bpm’online services being par excellence, they have been accoladed with various awards and recognition. Adding on to this, is the recent recognition as the Leader in 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation.

According to Katherine Kostereva, CEO and Managing Partner bpm’online; “At bpm’online we are laser focused on meeting the needs of today’s sales organization striving to accelerate their sales growth. We believe we’ve improved year over year and that our position in this Magic Quadrant is the result of the persistent efforts we make to empower our customers in growing their organizations through automation of their sale processes and activities.”

Gartner Magi Quadrant is a series of market research reports conducted on technology industries demonstrating market trends, such as direction, maturity and participants. In 2019, Gartner evaluated 19 vendors based upon their strength and weakness and rated the vendors according to the completeness of vision and ability to execute. The vendors are plotted in the graph in four quadrants: niche players, challengers, visionaries, and leaders.


Below is the figure on how the vendors are placed:

Download the complimentary copy of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation to know more.

Bpm’online ACCELERATE London event 2019

AgilizTech is delighted to announce the ACCELERATE London event 2019 hosted by bpm’online. It is an insightful event attended by business and tech leaders who can discover new ways to enhance and improve their business.

ACCELERATE London event is an exclusive platform for business leaders to get insights on how to strategize and align organizational process to accelerate business growth.  In this event the key takeaways would be to get knowledgeable and inspirational cognizance on rebuilding your business with latest technology. Today digital being the buzzword for technology, explore all about BPM and CRM, the modern technology trends that help in digital transformation of organizations.

This event provides a holistic platform for business leaders not only to gain insights on innovative technology through speeches, but also a place where you can collaborate and build your network with top industry heads sharing ideas, challenges and solutions to boost your business.

The main purpose of the event is to offer expert advice on how latest technologies can help a business achieve success. You can also learn how bpm’online has helped leading companies transform their processes in marketing, sales, service and operations in just a few months to stay competitive in an increasingly dynamic environment.

Bpm’online are global leaders for business process automation and CRM. Explore how they make use of several technologies that help organizations align their business process, one of them being the low-code no-code technology which has an approach wherein ‘everyone is a developer’, helping accelerate business with limited IT resources.

Few of the eminent speakers for the event are:

CHRIS PARRY (Guest speaker) – UK based writer, thinker and author and talk about operational strategy, future technological, geo-political, and human trends.

Andie Dovgan – Vice President of Global Sales, bpm’online

Alex Donchuk – Global Channel Director, bpm’online

Michael Barber – Marketing Director, Praesto Consulting

The event will be held on 10th of September 2019 at Park Plaza Victoria, London. The event is free of cost with a limited number of seats. You still stand a chance to attend the ACCELERATE event. For more details click here.